History of the Museum



Wireless in Wales has been brought together to celebrate Wales’ part in the evolution of radio and radio broadcasting. The museum holds a small but varied collection of radios and information chronologically displaying some rare and also representative radios and memorabilia.


The museum is the result of one man’s dream and vision, David E. Jones. David was a collector of radios for most of his life. Sadly, he passed away a few weeks before fulfilling his dream of opening a Wireless in Wales exhibition and publishing his book on which the exhibition is largely based.


David will be remembered as a gentle man with strong convictions. He campaigned for several causes and his lasting legacy is the establishment of the Welsh language centre in Denbigh in 1990.


Radio collecting was his personal hobby which he integrated with his dedication to Wales and the continuation of the Welsh language. He had a unique and broad vision all of which has been brought together to create the museum and his book Wireless in Wales. The museum and his book stand as a tribute to him.