Monthly update, April 2018

Monthly update, April 2018


"Broadcasting in the 80's on Radio Havana Cuba" was Lila Haines's subject when she came to talk to us at the Museum in February. She worked on the island as a correspondent and journalist on the English Language broadcasts from 1988 until 1992, a period of major political changes around the world. There were six national radio stations in Cuba at the time, and Radio Havana was the official government station, broadcasting in nine languages. Lila had an opportunity to present and edit the news on the radio, attend international conferences and meet celebrities like Castro himself. She talked about the 29,000 children transported to Cuba to be cared for after the Chernobyl explosion, and the food parcels sent to Eastern Europe after the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. In the same year, some of Cuba's leading people were punished and executed, including General Arnaldo Ochoa, for being involved in drug cartels. Lila was presenting the News live on the radio when she received an announcement from Washington, announcing the beginning of the First Gulf War. In 1991 Nelson Mandela visited Cuba and Lila has a photograph of him which she took on that occasion.

Since leaving the island, Lila has worked for the Assembly in Cardiff and Oxfam. She is currently Chair of Fairtrade for Wales, (go to and she works freelance. Here's a picture of Lila, with Suna who was in Berlin when the Wall fell!



During the period 20/04/18 - 30/06/18 one of our radios will be displayed at 

Wrexham Museum as part of the North East Wales Heritage Forum Exhibition, "100 Objects". It is a Foulkes regenerative receiver, made and sold at the Foulkes Shop in Rhyl, c. 1926. It has 4 valves and is powered by batteries. Here's

 a picture of the radio and the shop:









Everyone is welcome to the next lectures in our series, which will take place at the Museum at 7.00 p.m.:

April 20th, "The Sea Tragedies of the 'Ocean Monarch'and the 'Lelia'", by Tony Griffiths and Keith Mountain.
April 27th, in Welsh, "T.H. Parry-Williams and the Subconscious ", by Ioan Talfryn.
May 18th, "Mining in North East Wales", by Alan Jones.
June 15th, "Broadcasting in Wales", by Ifor ap Glyn.
June 22nd, in Welsh, "The Effectiveness and Safety of Medication", by Dyfrig Hughes.
Our Coffee Morning and Plant Stalls this year will be on June 2nd at Eirianfa, 10.00-12.00, along with Vale of Clwyd Mind and Denbigh Museum.


I wonder how many of you heard Geraint Lloyd, Radio Cymru, chatting about Wireless in Wales with Ioan Talfryn at 11.30 p.m. on Monday, 19/02/18? The clip is still on Radio Cymru's website. It is evident that people in the media browse the local papers regularly.
Thanks to the Bigwn for the publicity!