Oral History


This project aims to record and archive local people’s memories and experiences of radio and broadcasting in Wales dating from 1930s with emphasis on WW2.The project endeavours to promote learning for volunteers and the general public, the conservation of memories, ephemera and radio equipment and the participation of the local community. Once completed it will be important to local, regional and national heritage.

Phase One – 2010 will deal with the input of the project, training interviewers/researchers, conducting interviews and gathering materials and information.

Phase Two – 2011 will deal with the output or the presentation of the materials requiring further work as the next stage of this process.

Once the output of the project is realised the materials will be accessible through a website and organised visits to the radio museum. All materials will be archived in DCC Archives Department.

The urgency for the execution of this project arises from the fact that it targets the elderly people in the community who are still in a position to relate their memories of early broadcasts.